DNA test proves man who paid $58k in child support isn’t the dad

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Kerry said he paid almost $60k in child support, but then found out his daughter wasn’t his.Source:Channel 9

A MAN who forked out almost $60k in child support payments wants his money back, after a DNA test revealed he isn’t the father.

Appearing on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Kerry was a local footballer when he had a one-night stand with Julie.

Now a fisherman, he said the encounter 20 years ago lead to Julie revealing she was pregnant, and that the child was his.

Living in the coastal town of Cervantes in Western Australia, Kerry says he wants his money back from either Julie or the government for paying out $58k over 18 years for a child that wasn’t his.

“The bills started to pile up and I had to take action because if I didn’t, they would,” Kerry told A Current Affair.

“The first time they froze my account was during a fishing season. I had my passport frozen and told that it wouldn’t be reinstated until I had paid the bill in full.

“I had $26,000 taken out.”

But despite the growing debt, Kerry says he continued to make the payments as he believed the child was his, even though he was slightly skeptical because there were a ‘few suitors’ for Julie at the time.

Kerry finally got in contact with the DNA agency to confirm once and for all if Julie’s daughter was his. He claims they called him an idiot and told him to get a test as soon as possible.

“The consultant from Child Support, when he asked me, I can’t see a result for a DNA test here, I said, ‘Because I didn’t have one’,” Kerry said.

“And he pretty much on the phone called me a stupid idiot and to go and get one done as soon as I could.”

According to Kerry, not only did the test reveal he wasn’t the father, but Julie had also claimed that they were living together when she fell pregnant.

In a statement sent to A Current Affair, Julie said that for 18 years she and her daughter believed Kerry was the father.

“Over the last 18 years Kerry has had the chance to get a DNA test but as myself and Child Support could never get in contact with him, it never happened, and now he is coming out with accusations that are unfounded and untrue,” she said.

It is understood Julie will be required to pay back the child support, but as she no longer works, she will be paying just $49.80 a fortnight. But Kerry says he’d rather the Child Support Agency pay back the money for allowing this to happen.

“I’ve been hassled non-stop by Child Support, but the reason they thought I was the dad wasn’t right,” he said. “They accepted me as the father without any proof.

“That’s what makes me angry, really.”

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