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return-on-investment, advertise on family lawFamily Law Express provides a unique opportunity for Family Law legal professionals (and other family law professionals or service providers) to promote their services to members of the public who are at the starting gate of divorce proceedings, and who are seeking guidance on navigating the often complex world of child custody, child support, property dispute resolution or estate management.

Unlike most other family law websites, Family Law Express offers a host of invaluable, high quality information and resources for free, including:

  • -topical family law news items;
  • -original and easy to understand family law how-to briefs;
  • -a large library of sample legal documents and contracts;
  • -fact sheets and free family law-related software files;
  • -free storage facilities for Wills;
  • -useful and highly organised Court judgments with easy to understand summaries;
  • plus many more free resources.

These free resources ensure that visitors to Family Law Express not only benefit greatly just by visiting the site, but on average they stay significantly longer on the website, exploring every aspect of the site as part of the initial research process that many prospective divorcees go through.

Our visitors develop Trust in our brand

As a result we often receive many emails from visitors asking for us to recommend solicitors that we have worked with, as we find that our unique brand of offering valuable services for free generates a high degree of trust in our visitors, which is the key precursor to deciding to purchase a legal service.

We Only Partner with Law Firms who offer Real Value to Clients

Family Law Express offers a wide variety of promotional opportunities, above and beyond the standard advertising tiles that you will find on most other websites.

We however accept only high-integrity, value for money service providers, as we believe that any legal service provider we promote on our website is a reflection of our own integrity and business practices.

As stated, we offer much more than a simple, hands-off, advertising tile on the available real-estate on our website. The opportunities we offer are much more creative, where we support our advertisers in a very meaningful way to help you promote your business effectively. We will work with you in an intimate way to promote your business, and in return we ask that you work with us to provide the best possible service to the prospective clients.

Our approach is a win-win-win strategy, and we reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertiser who does not comply with this business mantra.

If you would like to further discuss the many and varied promotional opportunities we offer to family law professionals, then please contact us via the form below.

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