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affidavit proof reading servicesDuring proceedings for a separation or divorce, the “affidavit” is often the most important document that you will be required to produce for the Court.

This document, which is simply the biography or story of your separation, can also be one of the most expensive components of your legal fees. 

In many cases, solicitors will charge in the thousands and often in the tens of thousands of dollars to simply create a document that most average Australians can do for themselves, at zero cost.

However, writing your own affidavit does carry its own set of risks, most notably the risks of omitting or not properly highlighting information that has significant legal importance.

…save thousands on your legal bills

The are other risks as well, that can compromise and even completely derail you from achieving your goals in Court.

For instance, an affidavit is a summary of important events that have occurred that the Court should be made aware of in order to make a just and appropriate judgement in the child’s best interests.

In many cases however, what you may think of as an important incident, may end up being insignificant in the eyes of the Court, or even damaging to your reputation, ultimately doing you more harm than good.

This is why an experienced, impartial expert can re-work an affidavit, to your very real material advantage.

There are however options available, which can utilise the expertise typically found in a family law solicitor, without paying a small fortune in legal fees. These options can mitigate the risks of a self-written affidavit, at a very minimal cost, if any.

…In many cases, what you think is an important incident…to document…could end up doing you more harm than good.

The first option would be to attend Court and witness for yourself what Judges consider to be important incidents during the proceedings of other cases similar to yours. This would take a lot of time and a significant commitment from you, but over time, you will become familiar with what the judiciary typically expect of an affidavit.

Alternatively, you can review other sample affidavits from our free Sample Legal Documents library, and learn from the example of others, or you can peruse our Family Law factsheet library and read specifically purposed factsheets on the ideal preparation of an affidavit.

…create a legally precise document aimed at increasing your chances in Court.

However, if you want to be completely thorough and rely on experts in this field, then there is another option.

For a fee of only $100, Family Law Express provide a unique affidavit proof-reading service, that can help identify many of the common problems invariably found in most hand-crafted affidavits, whilst also helping you create a tactically precise document aimed at increasing your chances in Court.

…This is why an experienced, impartial paralegal can re-work an affidavit, to your very real advantage.

Family Law Express provide a unique service to help parents in the crafting of their affidavit, not only as a technically correct document, but also as a document that highlights legally important information, in a persuasive and salient manner.

It is important to note however that this service does NOT provide legal opinion.

It is a drafting service, ensuring that the affidavit is enhanced for optimal impact on the Judge, in order to convey a message to the Court in line with what you hope to achieve in Court.

We are staffed by paralegals and (previous) self-represented litigants with at least 2 years experience in the preparation of materials for family law proceedings.

If you are interested in utilising these services, you must provide us with a drafted affidavit that you believe is complete and ready for submission.

What you must provide us:

  1. a draft Affidavit attached to your submission
  2. your Contact details
  3. Your litigation goals

What we will provide you:

  • An annotated re-draft of the affidavit comprising:
    1. Highlighted sections of the affidavit that are recommended for removal, and the reasoning why, and;
    2. Highlighted sections of the affidavit that are recommended for re-wording, and the reasoning why, and;
    3. Recommended additional sections, and the reasoning why.
    4. Harmonisation or softening of tone of language, which can imply  emotional, accusatory, or irrational intent, and;
    5. Re-structuring content in relevant sections, with use of section titles, if required, and;
    6. Implementation of consistent dating conventions, and date references where exact date is uncertain, and;
    7. Implementation of consistent quote and paraphrasing referencing, and;
    8. Implementation of consistent referencing to appendix, other textual evidence (eg, Emails or text Messages), and other textual adjuncts; and;
    9. Implementation of consistent referencing to pictures, videos and other non-text-based evidence; and;
    10. Recommended document formatting, including font style, spacing, margins, etc, and;
    11. a completely spell-checked version of the affidavit, and;
    12. All this for only $100. To proceed, fill in the form below and we will get onto it ASAP.
    13. A limit of 3 pages maximum, or choose the other packages if your matter is very complicated.

special-offerSPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Submit your affidavit for proof-reading prior to the end of May, 2015, and we will pay you back 50 % of your fee. That’s $50 back to you, making this quality expert service only $50. But only until the end of this month, so be quick if you wish to take advantage of this great introductory offer.

*Please note that we do not write affidavits for you. You will need to supply us with a substantially complete affidavit, for us to proof-read. If your affidavit has not been reasonably drafted, with reserve the right to reject your submission, and we will refund your fee in full, minus any third party fees taken from your credit card provider or paypal.

*At this stage, we are only offering this service for children’s matters only. We will also be adding a property division soon, so check back with us regularly if you want this service for property matters.

**Privacy guarantee: We are committed to the highest level of privacy, and guarantee that none of the information supplied to us, under any circumstance, will be made available to anyone other than the assigned paralegal, and only then under strict privacy practices.

Draft-proofing Affidavit service


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