How to use Family Law Express

The mantra at Family Law Express is innovation, and this is just as important in terms of the technology we use, as it is for the services we make available.

Looking into family law, we realised that most people are forced into situations that they barely considered before, and were compelled to learn fast under in many cases very stressful circumstances.

Most pundits would agree that perhaps the best place to start when dealing with a contentious issue, whether it be a child custody issue, contemplation of surrogacy or sperm donation, a dispute over an inheritance, or concerns about your child’s welfare, would be to see how the Court’s had dealt with similar situations in the past.

But where can you find these judgments, and more important, how?

The answer up until now, at least for the public, has been to use a publicly available repository of judgments like Austlii.

But have you ever tried to find a relevant judgment on Austlii?

Although these resource has virtually every judgment and decision coming from almost every single Court and Tribunal in Australia, trying to find a judgment similar to your circumstances is near-on impossible.




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