Women and Family Law

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This is the ninth edition of Women and Family Law. It states the law as at November 2009 that applies to married and de facto couples (including same sex de facto couples) after relationship breakdown.

This booklet provides a starting point for finding out information about the law. It provides some answers to common questions and also sets out where you can go for further help.

You should not use this booklet as a substitute for seeing a solicitor and getting legal advice.

When reading this booklet, please note:

  • l The terms ‘partner’ or ‘ex-partner’ are used to describe a person’s
  • husband or de facto partner, including a same sex de facto partner.
  • l Words and phrases are printed in bold for a number of reasons:
  • l A term that is defined in Chapter 8 (definition section) is
  • printed in bold the first time that it appears in each chapter.
  • l The first time a term is abbreviated in each chapter, it is
  • printed in bold.
  • l Time limits are printed in bold.
  • l Cross references to other sections of the booklet are printed in bold.
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