Larkins Parenting Plan

breaking-upThis book has been written to help you understand your legal rights after separation in the hope that you can get things sorted and finalised as painlessly and cheaply as possible.

Breaking Up will give you more information than you could ever get by having a consultation with a lawyer. Some lawyers might provide one free introductory appointment as a hook to get your business, but any subsequent appointments or telephone calls will be charged out at somewhere between $300 and $600 an hour – billed at six-minute intervals.

You’ll therefore feel a powerful compulsion to keep your meetings and calls short, which means you’ll invariably be left with many questions unanswered. Questions like: ‘What’s the best way for me to get my kids through this?’ and ‘Why are you telling me to settle out of court when I’ll lose the chance to prove I’m right?’ and ‘How come the house is in my name but her lawyer is demanding 50 per cent?’ and ‘Why am I only being offered the kids on weekends when the law says I can have them 50/50?’

Source: Breaking Up: A Self-Help Guide to the Courts and the Law, Robert Larkins, Viking/Penguin, Melbourne, 2011

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