Airport Watch List: Protect your Child from International Abduction

To place your child’s name on the Airport Watch List you need to make an Application to the Family Court of Australia or Federal Circuit Court of Australia…

FULL REPORT RELEASED: Independent Study of Australia’s Independent Children’s Lawyers

In contrast to the generally positive findings of the Australian Government’s 2013 AIFS Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) Study, the findings of the Family Law Express Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) study entitled “Neither Seen Nor Heard: Australia’s Child Protection Conundrum” has exposed the undeniably arduous state of current ICL practice in this country…

How to File a Subpoena For Medical Records

Prajesh Shrestha

Online Legal Information Author at Family Law Express
'My name is Prajesh Shrestha and I am currently in my 3rd year of the Juris Doctor at the University of Sydney.Upon graduating, I am interested in becoming a legal practitioner. My areas of interest includes family law and conveyancing. I also have a strong and abiding interest in social justice and as such I am undertaking a legal internship at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre performing legal research, client interviews and drafting.

In family law disputes, it might be necessary to subpoena medical records of either the opposing party or a third party. Seeking to issue a subpoena can be a complicated process, and is regulated by court rules of the relevant …..

How to make a complaint against your Solicitor

Have you ever had serious concerns with the way your solicitor has dealt with your case? For instance, do you believe your solicitor has not respected your confidentiality, or do you believe that your solicitor has been overcharging you?..

How to Remove a Judge or/and an ICL from Proceedings

This paper will consider the procedure for removing a judge and an Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) from proceedings. As the procedure for removing a judge varies considerably from removing an ICL, I will deal with them on a separate basis…

Audio Recordings as Evidence in Family Court Proceedings

Recent times have seen increased debate surrounding the use of audio recordings in court proceedings, and particularly, in Family Court proceedings. The key issue with the use of audio recordings in Family Court proceedings is not necessarily their use, but how such recordings were obtained which in turn determines their admissibility as evidence…

Contravention of Court Orders or AVOs. What options do you have?

Court Orders include Parenting Orders, Consent Orders and Financial Orders. Once an Order is made, each party affected by the Order must comply with it. But what can one do in the event of a breach of Court Orders or an AVO?..

Should Children Be Interviewed for Family Reports?

In producing a family report, the family consultant usually speaks to all significant parties involved in the case including the child/ren. How does such process likely affect the emotional well being of a child? Is it necessary for the child/ren to be included in such process?..