Contravention application documents & letters

This bundle includes the first letter to the solicitor on the contravention matter, the letter from the solicitor to the other parent, and a sample affidavit.

The documentation provided are samples that can be used as a templates in matters involving a contravention of existing Court orders.

My Last Will

This a free and good quality Will template provided by LegalZebra, a team who provide a service in the delivery of online legal templates.

They claim that their online legal templates are inspired by the beauty and simplicity of zebras. They provide an easy and affordable way for every-day Australians to put their legals in black and white.

Please note however that some pages in this sample Will are missing, but otherwise it is a well constructed document.

Co-Habitation Agreement

This contract is referred to as a Cohabitation or more accurately a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA).

Cohabitation Agreements are made between people who are living together or intending to live together but not intending to get married.

Couples intending to get married should define their relationship with a Prenuptial Agreement under section 90B of the family law act.

Your Cohabitation agreement becomes a legal expression of your intent as de facto partners – you can define how you intend to divide your assets and maintain any children you may have.