Cass Thorburn spills on difficulties of co-parenting with Karl Stefanovic

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Divorcees stafanovic and thornurnCass Thorburn has opened up about the “massive challenge” of co-parenting with Karl Stefanovic following their acrimonious divorce.

Cassandra Thorburn has opened up about the struggles of co-parenting three kids with ex-husband Karl Stefanovic.

The ex-Today host split with his wife of 21 years in late 2016, sparking a bitter and public divorce.

The former couple have three children together — Jackson, 20, Ava, 14, and River, 12.

Speaking on this week’s The Juggling Act podcast, Thorburn admitted that sharing them with her ex-husband was a “massive challenge”.

“Co-parenting I think is a massive challenge. Even if there’s an amicable agreement between the parties, it still becomes hard,” she told co-hosts Sarah Harris and Melissa Wilson.

“You’re leading separate lives, you’re no longer in a co-environment. So co-parenting … that’s a big word.”

However, Thorburn also explained that working through it was possible.

“There obviously is a way to navigate it,” she said. “I don’t think there’s a textbook of instructions in point form (where) you can guarantee you’re going to get that end result.”

Months after splitting from Thorburn, Stefanovic met shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough at a yacht party in Sydney and sparked up a relationship.

The couple went on to marry in a lavish ceremony in Mexico last December.

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