Grandmother banned from challenging for custody of grandsons

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court-judgmentA GRANDMOTHER has been banned from challenging for the custody of her two grandsons after a court heard details of her “bizarre” parenting style, that included threatening to have the boys’ father “bumped off” if she was left off a birthday invitation list.

In the Queensland case from 2011, the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia upheld a no contact order against the 57-year-old grandmother, meaning that she is now banned from any further legal challenge.

She had launched 33 applications in various jurisdictions since 2008, including the 18-point appeal.

According to a lengthy appeal judgment, the grandmother threatened to have the boys’ father “bumped off” over not being invited to a birthday party, and the boys’ mother claimed her mother kicked her in the stomach and then tried to frame her by cutting herself in the face.

The daughter took out an apprehended violence order against her mother, but she was then accused of using cigarettes to burn her children.

At one stage, the grandmother had custody but DOCs removed the boys after they were witnessed hanging from a balcony.

The grandsons refused to go back after telling authorities that their grandmother hit them with a wooden spoon for wrestling.

In response, she alleged their mother had urged them to “jump” from a moving car that was being driven by the grandmother.

The Family Court finally banned contact with the grandmother after one of the boys’ became suicidal because she was telling them their mother was having “sexual relations with many men and aborting their babies”.

Family Court Justice Garry Watts said it was a “cry for help” in an “extremely conflict-ridden environment”.

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