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Russell Crowe gets Divorced from Danielle Spencer
Hollywood actor Russell Crowe has reportedly split from his wife Danielle Spencer. The two have, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, parted ways on friendly terms, and will come to a private agreement regarding their two sons, eight year old Charles and six year old Tennyson.
A Step By Step Guide to Divorce in Australia
A step by step guide and checklist of how to go about getting a divorce in Australia. Simplifying the processes involved.
Linda Kozlowski Files For Divorce From Paul Hogan
Fifty-five-year-old Kozlowski cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for divorce in Los Angeles from 74-year-old Paul Hogan.
$40 million divorce
Australia's most expensive divorce ever has cost $40 million so far, and that's just in legal fees!
How to behave in Court
Court Etiquette in Australia Going to court can be daunting. Having an [...]
Family Law Masterclass
In this 90-minute masterclass on family law trial preparation, barrister Belle Lane shares insights on good practice and introduces VLA’s new family law practice tools.
High Court sperm donor case
For the first time we hear from both sides of an unprecedented legal case. It centres on a Family Court dispute about sperm donation.
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