How to behave in Court

Court Etiquette in Australia Going to court can be daunting. Having an idea of what to expect will ensure that you are prepared and know how to behave appropriately.

Courts are formal places and certain rules of etiquette apply to anyone who enters as is the case in any other formal setting such as workplaces and educational facilities. You are expected to be respectful and you must behave appropriately at all times.

You may be asked by the magistrate or judge to leave the court if you dress or behave inappropriately. If your behavior disrupts proceedings, you could also be fined or sent to jail.

When going to court, make sure you are punctual and arrive before the scheduled time. You can find the correct courtroom by reading the notice boards and television screens at the courthouse or by asking someone at the registry counter. These are usually located in the court’s foyer.

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