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Innocent man sent to jail for rape by his own fiancé
On 60 MINUTES Liz Hayes investigates the terrifying case of the innocent man falsely accused by his fiancé of violent sexual crimes. Published on Apr 8, 2019
What went wrong when Sally Faulkner attempted to snatch her children from the streets of Beirut?
Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner made headlines earlier this year when she was jailed in Beirut, along with a 60 Minutes crew and a child recovery team. Published on Oct 24, 2016
Family Court of Australia – 5 simple tips for financial matters
Holden Barlow Family Lawyers Perth - 5 Simple tips to financial matters in the Family Court. Published on Nov 23, 2017
The 7pm Project discusses the bias against men in family law
The 7pm Project interviews "Bill", Professor Patrick Parkinson, Barry Williams and Simon Ronchi about the bias against men and fathers in family law. Published on Mar 8, 2011
Property Settlements, Mathews Family Law, Melbourne
Vanessa Mathews, an Accredited Family Law Specialist, provides legal advice about property settlements entitlements arising from the breakdown of marriage and de facto relationships.
Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation)
The Family Law Act directs that you must attend Family Law Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution before you file an application for parenting orders or financial orders.
Relocation of children
Under the Family Law Act, moving the children to another town, city, state or country is known as relocation. If a parent moving will limit the time the children get to live with or spend with the other parent or another significant person in their lives, a court may not give permission by way of Relocation Orders.
Independent Children’s Lawyer – Family Law Australia
This video has been prepared by a qualified Independent Children's Lawyer, Shaya Lewis-Dermody. ICL's are often appointed in the Family Law Courts in parenting matters. Published on 9 Oct 2015
Divorce and Children – Who gets custody of the kids
In this video we discuss the rights of each parent in a Divorce regarding the area of children and answer the question: Who gets the kids? Published on 23 Dec 2012
Making A Will in Australia
James Irving of Irving Law provides some basic information on making a Will in Australia. Not intended as legal advice. Published on 29 Sep 2015
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