Divorce Finance Spreadsheet

Note: US-specific: One of the main events in a divorce is the splitting of assets. First you need to determine how much income and expenses both spouses have on a monthly basis. Then you can identify how assets can be distributed.

The court also uses this to determine whether one spouse should pay spousal support or child support, or whether one spouse needs financial support. To complete this process, most spouses engaged in a divorce, complete a spreadsheet and submit it to the court.

The Ultimate Property Division Spreadsheet

Two years ago I put on a half day seminar for about 300 lawyers called the “Ultimate Property Division Seminar.”  I talked to a lot of judges about what they wanted and did not want to hear in a property division trial.  Here is the one thing they all wanted — a unified spreadsheet which shows both parties’ values and proposed divisions and which provides space for the judge’s ruling.

NOTE: This spreadsheet is specific to the USA. When using, take into account the differences that may exist between the US & Australia.

This ideal spreadsheet can only be prepared after you have both spouse’s proposed values and divisions.  The spreadsheet has to be printed on very wide ledger size paper (or two letter size pages taped together) and has columns for:

– Asset/Debt
– Husband’s Proposed Value
– Wife’s Proposed Value
– Court’s Value (blank – for judge to fill in)
– Husband’s Proposed Division
– Wife’s Proposed Division
– Court’s Division (blank)

The spreadsheet also shows the differences between the parties on what is separate property.  I color code the columns in stereotypical pink and blue.

Divi – Marital Asset Inventory & Distribution

Divi is family law software that helps build an inventory of assets relevant to a case, then creates scenarios to compare possible values and distributions that a case may present from different points of view or fact patterns. Once the asset and scenario data is collected, Divi can produce various professional reports appropriate for clients, solicitors and courts.

To use Divi to create professional Excel reports, simply fill in blanks with asset names and baseline valuations. Optionally, you can tag data with sources, titling, as-of dates, and notes. Then you can set up distribution scenarios, and Divi will automatically calculate any required equalization payments and total spousal assets for each scenario. You can also print and/or export asset inventories, distribution reports, and scenario comparison reports.

Interactive Parenting Plan

interactive-parenting-planUsing this parenting plan is easy and efficient. These plans are “interactive” which means you will be able to edit the document and save your progress.

When you are ready to print you can print the full document with your edited replies. We have taken great consideration to the recipients of this plan and have removed the header and footer when the plan is printed. This means that the Not All Dads Are Deadbeats logo, website url, titles etc. will NOT be visible on the final printed document.

You may also print off a fresh, unedited version and fill it in with a pen.

Once again you may save your progress and return to it at any point to continue editing.

We have provided you with drop down menus that contain pre-edited entries however you are also able to edit your own entries in the edit box.

We have published the majority of sections to their own page(s). This enables you to use only the  sections/plans that you require.