Family Law Video Guides

‘No need’ for family courts inquiry after ‘extensive’ ALRC review
Women’s Legal Service Queensland CEO Angela Lynch sees “no need” for an inquiry into the family courts due to the Australian Law Reform Commission recently undertaking an extensive review into the system. Published on 18 Sep 2019
Senator Pauline Hanson slams Australia’s Family Law system
Pauline Hanson on the Today Show on the Nine Network discussing with Georgie Parker why Australia's family law system needs in in-depth inquiry.
How to apply for a divorce: serving divorce papers
Step-by-step guide to serving divorce papers in Australia. Published on 25 Feb 2014
False Allegations in the Australian Family Court – A Self Help Guide
This video is intended to help those who are dealing with false allegations made against them in family court as part of the ex spouse or partners strategy to limit or prevent contact with the children. Published on 27 Mar 2019
Intercountry Adoption Australia Video Guide
A resource to help you understand the process and connect you to a range of resources and services. Published on 27 Aug 2017
Property Settlements in NSW
Our latest animated explainer video explains the property settlement process that occurs when two people separate. There is a lot that gets taken into consideration when two people split up and this video provides you with a good summary of what to expect. Published on 26 Apr 2016
Mediation – what to expect
A re-enactment of the mediation process between a separated couple deciding on parenting arrangements. Published on 3 Dec 2014
How To Get A Divorce In Australia A Step By Step Guide
A step by step guide and checklist of how to go about getting a divorce in Australia. Simplifying the processes involved. Published on 7 Nov 2017
Sally Faulkner’s Story – failed attempt at recovering her children
Sally Faulkner opens up to Ita Buttrose about the botched 60 Minutes kidnapping.Published on Oct 25, 2016
Italian sisters Child Abduction and how the Australian Govt colluded with mother
The now notorious case of how an Australian mother with the support of the Australian government colluded to abduct her children from their father in Italy. Published on Dec 24, 2013
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