12 Years Jail (Max) for Attempted Husband Murderer, Vicky Soteriou

Vicky Soteriou, 44, was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison after being found guilty of trying to have her wealthy businessman husband killed.

After leaving his 44th birthday dinner in 2010, Chris Soteriou was stabbed six times and had his throat slashed.

The mother of three is in jail after arranging for her lover, Ari Dimitrakis, to stab her then-husband Chris in 2010 near a Fitzroy restaurant.

Fortunately, after being stabbed seven times, Chris survived but, as he claims, his psychological shock was so big that he did not manage to work again after this incident.

Formerly a wealthy businessman, Mr Soteriou said he now has to borrow money from his own family after assets in his wife’s name were frozen following a court order.

He now claims the actions of his wife, Vicky, 45, have left him broke and forced to borrow money from his family.

judge subsequently ­ordered her to pay her ex-husband $2.4 million in civil ­damages.

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