I Hate My Ex – How to Minimise Regrets and Avoid a Hostile Divorce?
A divorce can be an extremely stressful event for all parties involved. However, a divorce does not need turn hostile.
A New Way to Protect Your Child’s Inheritance from a Future Divorce Re: Bernard & Bernard [2019] FamCA 421
The recent Family Court of Australia decision of Bernard & Bernard [2019] FAMCA 421 is a good example of how to ensure the beneficiary of your Will is protected in the ev...
How to present text messages as evidence in the Family Court
In the event of a Family Court dispute, it can be important to document or print text messages, to show that they were sent, received, or read at a particular time.
After separation, who pays the private school fees?
One major issue of contention that separated parents often face is payment of school fees, particularly when they are private school fees which as at 2017 in South Austra...
DIY Will kit reviews
Five will kits put to the test
Think before you post! Divorce & and social media don't mix in Australia
Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are increasingly changing the way family law matters are c...
How Much Does a Divorce Cost
Consider the costs and hidden fees associated with a divorce to gain an understanding of what to expect and how to manage the financial obligations.
How is Child Support calculated in Australia
Child support is the ongoing payment made by one parent / guardian to another to assist in the care and support of their child/ren.
Parental Alienation - The Invisible Abuse
The bottom line is our most precious resource, our kids, are traumatized victims due to horrific abuse at the hands of monsters and those charged with their protection.
Family Law Proceedings: How to Find Evidence
There are numerous tools available within the Family Law Rules to assist in the gathering of evidence in preparation for family law proceedings.
Same-Sex Parents Who Separate: Who gets the Children?
This article discusses what the Court might consider when dealing with parenting orders sought by same-sex parents and whether biological parents have an advantage in Cou...
10 Common Misconceptions about Australia's Shared Parenting Laws
Following is a list of 10 common misconceptions about Shared Parenting in Australia, that have been circulated so broadly that they are on the whole accepted as truth, bu...
Airport Watch List: Protect your Child from International Abduction
To place your child’s name on the Airport Watch List you need to make an Application to the Family Court of Australia or Federal Circuit Court of Australia.
FULL REPORT RELEASED: Independent Study of Australia's Independent Children's Lawyers
In contrast to the generally positive findings of the Australian Government’s 2013 AIFS Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) Study, the findings of the Family Law Expr...
Hearsay – What is it and when can you use it?
This article explains the concept of hearsay evidence and under which circumstances it may be admissible in court.
How to make a complaint against your Solicitor
Have you ever had serious concerns with the way your solicitor has dealt with your case? For instance, do you believe your solicitor has not respected your confidentialit...
How to Remove a Judge or/and an ICL from Proceedings
This paper will consider the procedure for removing a judge and an Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) from proceedings.
Audio Recordings as Evidence in Family Court Proceedings
Recent times have seen increased debate surrounding the use of audio recordings in court proceedings, and particularly, in Family Court proceedings.
Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICL) & Australian Family Law
An independent children’s lawyer (ICL) is a lawyer who advocates for the best interests and welfare of a child in relevant proceedings under the Family Law Act 1975 (Ct...
Contravention of Court Orders or AVOs. What options do you have?
Court Orders include Parenting Orders, Consent Orders and Financial Orders. Once an Order is made, each party affected by the Order must comply with it.
Should Children Be Interviewed for Family Reports?
In producing a family report, the family consultant usually speaks to all significant parties involved in the case including the child/ren.
How to Challenge a Child Support Assessment
A Child Support assessment is generally made when a child's parents separate, providing the primary carer of the child/ren with sufficient income from the other parent in...
Divorce and Property Dispute: Preparing for Litigation
In this final article I wish to discuss the method by which the parties can protect their properties using the knowledge of the first two articles.