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Break Up Battleground – Child Support
ACA. Break Up Battleground.(Family Court)(Child Maintenance)
Woman fakes DV to frame husband
A man has called on the federal government to deport his estranged wife after he claims she attempted to frame him for domestic violence.
Winning a Child Custody Relocation Case
Relocation cases are some of the most difficult cases that judges have to decide in a child custody case.
Divorce. No Children. Will Assets be Split 50:50?
Divorce. No Children. Will Assets be Split 50:50?
Divorce and Assets – Calculating Your Entitlement
In this video we discuss the factors considered when it comes to dividing the asset pool.
How To Serve Divorce Papers In Australia
An explanation of how to serve divorce papers in Australia. You'll learn about the documents that need to be served, the time limits involved and how to go about serving them.
Completing and Filing a Divorce Application in Australia
This video takes you through the steps to fill in and file an Australian Application for Divorce using the Divorce Kit downloaded from the website of the Family Court of Australia.
The Top 10 Frequently Asked Question in Family Law
Question 1: What is a divorce? Question 2: What is a de facto [...]
Divorce in Australia – Know your rights!
To apply for divorce in Australia, you and your spouse must have separated at least 12 months ago. If you have been married for less than two years you will also have to participate in counselling to discuss the possibility of reconciliation, prior to making the divorce application.
Cassandra Thorburn speaks about Karl Stefanovic divorce
Cassandra Thorburn Looks Radiant In A Pink Dress As She Makes Her FIRST Red Carpet Cassandra Thorburn has kept an extremely low profile since her split .
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