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Parental Leave Grief
Paid parental leave takes some of the pressure off working parents when their baby arrives. But many would agree there's one part of that law that just doesn't pass the pub test.
‘He’s a saint’: The Aussies cheering for ‘Dr Death’
He's a controversial assisted dying advocate who's been labelled "Dr Death", but those who support him say Dr Philip Nitschke is a saint.
Making child support fair
Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee Chairman, George Christensen, tables the commitee's report from an inquiry into the Child Support Program - From Conflict to Cooperation - in the Australian Parliament. The report makes recommendations to the Australian Government on making the Child Support system fairer.
Child Support Shame
It's a dollar a day... but some parents still won't pay. Tonight, Australia's child support shame. Now, the new year crackdown... how they're busting heartless mums and dads.
Wives battle over $3 million
The court twist in a bitter dispute between two wives involving a $3 million settlement.
Child support shame
What recourse do struggling mothers have when deadbeat dads skip out on child support?
Divorced Dad living it up despite being ‘bankrupt’
Chantel and Dave were once a happily married couple with a young family. Now they’re sworn enemies locked in an ugly financial mess after he declared himself bankrupt, leaving her to foot the bill. And as reporter Steve Marshall discovered, neither party is taking a backward step.
Woman discovers she was abducted after 20 years
Queenslander Samantha Geldenhuys had to come to terms with the shocking revelation that she was the subject of one of America's longest abduction cases, as she tried to put together the pieces of the life she was living and the one she never knew she had.
Australian parents abandon surrogate child with Down Syndrome
Seven month old twin, baby Gammy, made headlines around the world when he was abandoned in Thailand by his Australian parents. His surrogate mother claimed his biological parents rejected him because he was born with Down Syndrome, taking home instead his healthy twin sister, Pipah. It made David and Wendy Farnell the most reviled couple in Australia. And then, as if their actions weren’t bad enough, the shocking news with the revelation David is a convicted child sex offender.
Hague convention and the case of the Italian sisters
Deborah Awyzio discussing the Hague Convention case involving the Italian sisters.
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